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To whom it my concern,

Good morning to you all. My name is Jason S. and I work in the Cyber and Defense section for the company I work for. We are now using splunk but it is not working to its full potential. I am working with my SysAds to get splunk ES to help my section with our daily activities. Currently we use SolarWinds to update our baselines for Palo Alto and Brocade within its configuration management.  I was wondering if splunk could help us update our baselines similar to how SolarWinds does.  When our SysAds have to update any config files it is our job to update the baselines. Any information would be greatly helpful with us implementing splunk as a reliable asset. If you have any question please feel free to contact me via email.


Thank you all for your time,


Jason S. 



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Hi @jada7984,

Splunk isn't a system for update configuration files outside itself, but it's the best to index, analyze and correlate logs.

It can easily update its own configuration files; it eventually (but it's a forcing) can execute scripts containing commands that launch upgrade or installation commands.

I don't hint to you to use Splunk for this because there are other systems (e.g. Ansible) that make this work better (it's their job!)!

In addition I hint to use the correct parameters to evaluate Splunk that's fantastic for it's job: it's the same thing if you want to use Excel to write a letter: you you can do it, but it isn't it's job and others make it better!




For your security, I removed your personal information from the posting.

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