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App made on the Splunk Add On Builder not logging


Hi everyone,

I have a trouble with an app that we made in the Splunk Add On Builder, the app no longer loggs since we update to Splunk 8. This app contains a custom alert action that logs some information messages to the internal by using helper.log_info function in python.

Do you have any idea about this issue? Where is located the AOB's helper library? Any suggestions?


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Hi @jfgomez0912 

Is your Add-on have the latest python3 code? did you update your Add-on too?
If not then I recommend you to update your add-on, Probably you need to just update some library.


If this helps your like will be appreciated😊


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Thanks @vikramyadav for your response, but yes, the add-on use the latest python3 code and the add-on is updated too.

Also, I tried to create a new add-on and the logging doesn't work for alert actions add-ons, but the logging for data input add-ons worked... so I don't know if the problem is related to some python libraries that splunk have.

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