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Add-on for VMware is not working: Why is there an Error that "could not authenticate with gateway after 3 retries"?


Now, I deploy Splunk Enterprise, ITSI, Add-on for VMware on single node.

I face the problem that "Data Collection Status" nor ITSI  can not run.


Checking sourcetype=vmware:perf* OR sourcetype=vmware:inv:hierarchy,

results is not returned.

but, Data Collection Nodes and Virtual Centers is valid

WS000055.JPGOn Hydra Framework Status in Add-on VMware, there is a lot of Worker Errors and Scheduler Errors. like this.





2023-08-08 15:55:13,521 ERROR [ta_vmware_collection_worker://alpha:182108] Problem with hydra worker ta_vmware_collection_worker://alpha:182108: [HydraGatewayAdapter] could not authenticate with gateway after 3 retries
2023-08-08 15:55:25,725 ERROR [ta_vmware_collection_scheduler://puff] [HydraWorkerNode] [establishGateway] could not authenticate with gateway=https://spl-itsi.infra.local:8008 for node=https://spl-itsi.infra.local:8089 due to error="[HydraGatewayAdapter] could not authenticate with gateway after 3 retries", marking node as dead
2023-08-08 15:55:02,591 ERROR [ta_vmware_collection_scheduler://puff] [HydraCollectionManifest] Attempted to assign jobs but we have no active workers to assign to. Restarting Scheduler...





my environment is below

splunk enterprise : 9.0.0, ITSI : 4.17.0

Addon4VMware : 4.0.5, VMware Indexes : 4.0.3, vCenter Logs, VMware ESXi Logs : 4.2.1, VMware Extractions : 4.0.3

※ I don't use Add-on for VMware Metrics.

VM information is below

OS : rhel 9(64bit), 40vCPU, 40GB, 600GB


What should I do?

I need splunk OVA for VMware Metrics? I don't use it hopely


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