ldapsearch command to get attribute names from directory

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How can I run a ldapsearch command from Splunk to get the list of user attribute names ONLY not the values available in a AD directory. I am using SA-ldap add-on but don't see the parameters that I need to use to get the attributes name list.

Looking back into AD documentation there is a option for --typesOnly but not sure how to use it in Splunk ldap search query.

my query is as follows:  | ldapsearch domain=abc search="(&(objectClass=user)(!(objectClass=computer)))"

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I have no knowledge of how this type of search behaves..but if this kind of directory also has fields can't you just use

|fields attribute_name_field

to get rid of any other field but the name? 
(like I said im just blindly guessing since I have never used Idapsearches! I hope you can resolve your problem!)

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