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I have installed splunk indexer v4.3.1-3 and configured email alert. I can see the alert being triggered in the alert manager but didn't recieve the email (double checked the email provided in alert config). I can see following errors/warnings in logs:

07-09-2012 15:15:44.475 -0400 ERROR SearchResults - Unable to open output file: path=/apps/splunk/var/run/splunk/dispatch/scheduler_admin_search_SGVhcnRiZWF0IEZvdW5k_at_1341861060_390fb9622c8aadd9/per_result_alert/tmp_238.csv.gz.tmp error=No such file or directory

07-09-2012 15:14:15.702 -0400 WARN SavedSplunker - Reached maximum number of per-result alerts for savedsearch_id="admin;search;Heartbeat Found", sid="scheduler_adminsearch_SGVhcnRiZWF0IEZvdW5k_at_1341860940_a5a1bb207ef39a5f", limit=500
07-09-2012 15:14:16.932 -0400 INFO SavedSplunker - savedsearch_id="admin;search;Heartbeat Found", user="admin", app="search", savedsearch_name="Heartbeat Found", status=success, digest_mode=0, scheduled_time=1341860940, dispatch_time=1341860946, run_time=2.482, result_count=48931, alert_actions="email", sid="scheduler
admin_search_SGVhcnRiZWF0IEZvdW5k_at_1341860940_a5a1bb207ef39a5f", suppressed=0, fired=500, skipped=48431, action_time_ms=308360, thread_id="AlertNotifierWorker-14"

2012-07-09 15:17:34,085 ERROR Could not get job status for searchId=scheduler_adminsearch_SGVhcnRiZWF0IEZvdW5k_at_1341861060_390fb9622c8aadd9, Error: [HTTP 404]

I cannot identify the issue after looking at the logs. Can someone pls guide me ?


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Thanks for the reply, the problem was with the email server on the host.

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Thanks for the reply, the problem was with the email server on the host.

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Maybe the search return too many events for the script.
"Reached maximum number of per-result alerts"

Please try with a different search that return the count of errors instead of the raw events.
instead of

source=mysource sourcetype=mysourcetype ERRORKEYWORD

condition : number of results > 0

source=mysource sourcetype=mysourcetype ERRORKEYWORD| stats count by host

and alert on number of results > 0 (means at least one host has one error

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