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Hello all,

I'm a very new splunk user. I have this question:

I have a list of verified hostnames. I can put them in any file, .txt or .csv, its just a list.
I also have my hostname field in logs correctly extracted.

I would like to set up an alert if the hostname doesn't match with any approved one from the list.

How should I go ahead with it? Answers or even pointers would be helpful.


Re: comparing a field and external file


upload the host list as a lookup file (save as .csv) host column header named hostname

run this search

sourcetype=<my_sourcetype_name_here> NOT [|inputlookup <lookup_name_here>.csv | fields hostname]

Re: comparing a field and external file

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1) Create the list of verified hostnames as a CSV file. It is easy if the column containing the hostname values is the same name as Splunk's hostname. (i.e. if Splunk calls it "host=bob" your header should be "host" without the quotes.)

2) Open Splunk.

3) Navigate to Manager --> Lookups --> Add New --> Lookup Table File

4) Upload your file and name it hostname_lookup.csv (or whatever you want, have the filename end in .csv)

5) Under Manager --> Lookups --> Add New --> Lookup Definition

6) Name: hostnamelookup , lookup-file: hostnamelookup.csv

7) Now define your search query: index=thisindex querytermshere NOT [|inputlookup hostnamelookup | fields host]

😎 Set your time and click Create --> Alert

9) Schedule your alert and have it trigger when your results are great than 0.

Hope this helps.

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