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I have an alert query which runs after every 30 minutes and has a relative time range of last 30 minutes. There is a mail action triggered on this search in which i have send $job.earliesttime$ and $ job.latesttime$ which gives me the time period of this search but i need to change the format of this time period to utc .
How can i do it.
Please help

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As @niketnilay mentioned,
1. You can use addinfo command to get 'Job search time'.
2. Format the timestamp using strftime as below.

| makeresults 
| eval message="My Email Message"
| addinfo
| eval job_search_time=strftime(info_search_time,"%d-%m-%Y")
| table message,job_search_time


And, you can include the custom field in your email subject/body using $result.job_search_time$ field.

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Convert ctime is not working.Error is ->"Error in 'convert' command: The conversion specifier is invalid. It must be convert_type(key)."

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@ajitshukla61116 You can pipe the addinfo command to your existing search for alert and get info_min_time and info_max_time as earliest and latest time as epoch. Then you can use strftime() to convert epoch time to your expected string time.

| makeresults | eval message= "Happy Splunking!!!"
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can you please help me how to do it

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| convert ctime($job.earliesttime$) ctime($ job.latesttime$)

This should work.

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ctime isnt working ..error is->"Error in 'convert' command: The conversion specifier is invalid. It must be convert_type(key).". please help

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