What is the complete list of tokens available for the message in the new 6.1 alerts?

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I cannot find a complete list of the tokens that are available for the message text in the new Splunk v6.1 alert system.

The online help has some examples like $job.resultCount$ but I cannot find a complete list.

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In case anyone else's search brings them here first - the new token documentation is here:


Slight update to this link to reflect a more recent version of Splunk:

Quick Reference:

Search Name: $name$
Search Description: $description$
Results Link (reports & alerts): $results_link$
Search String: $search$
Link to saved search: $view_link$

Fields: $result.fieldname$

Job Details

$job.earliestTime$Initial job start time
$job.eventSearch$Subset of the search that appears before any transforming commands
$job.latestTime$Latest time recorded for the search job
$job.messages$List of error and debug messages generated by the search job
$job.resultCount$Search job result count
$job.runDuration$Time, in seconds, for search job completion
$job.sid$Search ID
$job.label$Search job name

Dashboard Label
Dashboard Description: $dashboard.description$




The documentation about the use of tokens talks about using them in emails. Can they be used in other alert integrations such as Moogsoft?

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This link now redirects to the main splunk doc page.

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