Unable to send test email from Splunk

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I am trying configuring gmail smtp but when sending test email using below command getting below error. 

Any help will be appreciated. 


index=_internal | head 1 | sendemail to="" format="html" use_tls=1

command="sendemail", (530, b'5.7.0 Authentication Required. Learn more at\n5.7.0 w22-20020a1709027b9600b0019a593e45f1sm196622pll.261 - gsmtp', 'splunk@ip-172-31-36-251.ap-south-1.compute.internal') while sending mail to:

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by any chance, did you find a solution for this? I got the same issue right now.

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Currently gmail don't allow use smtp server as earlier. Instead it wants to use more secure authentication. For that reason the old way is not working anymore with Splunk. Fortunately they have implemented 2-factor authentication and additional app password feature which you could use.

Here is steps to do it

    1. Check above instructions and ensure that you have 2-step verification on (probably this is as Google has enabled it for all)
    2. Create a new app password for your Splunk server
    3. Login to your local splunk instance
        1. Settings -> Server settings
        2. Email settings
          1. Mail host:
          2. Email security: Enable TLS
          3. Username: Your Gmail account where you have enabled 2 Step verification
          4. Password: App password for above Gmail account
          5. Allowed Domains: <add what is needed>
          6. Save
        3. Go to search GUI:


| head 1
| sendemail to="<your test email recipient>" subject=test sendresults=true format=table sendcsv=false


r. Ismo


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