Trigger alert on a calculated value


My search ends with:


| stats count(Request) as RequestCnt,  count(FailedRequest) FailedRequestCnt

| eval FaildRequestPercentage =  RequestCnt / FailedRequestCnt * 100

How would I specify a trigger for FaildRequestPercentage  > 10?

How would I include: RequestCnt, FailedRequestCnt , and FaildRequestPercentage values in my alert message?

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Have the alert trigger when the number of results is not zero and let the query determine when the alert triggers.

| stats count(Request) as RequestCnt,  count(FailedRequest) FailedRequestCnt
| eval FaildRequestPercentage =  RequestCnt / RequestCnt * 100
| where FaildRequestPercentage > 10
| table RequestCnt RequestCnt FaildRequestPercentage 
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