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Hi Chaps,

Need some help to understand why the alert is not getting triggered. This alerts query, when executed over 7 days period gives nonzero counts of 6 i.e. greater than 5(Our condition is trigger alert when nonzero counts exceeds 5). I see that alert is not getting even though we have nonzero count is 6.When we checked scheduler log Email action is blank.i have pasted the screen shot for reference.Please help me in this regards.

Below is the query

sourcetype="*" LOG_MESSAGE="Retry*" "Collections.NCS" NOT LOG_MESSAGE="Retry #1 *" | timechart span=10m count | autoregress count p=1-5 | eval nonzero=if(count > 0, if(count_p1 > 0, if(count_p2 > 0, if(count_p3 > 0, if(count_p4 > 0, if(count_p5 > 0, 6, 5), 4), 3), 2), 1), 0) | fields _time, nonzero


i see the nonzero counts which exceeds below screen shot 


search query when we ran for  over7 days  of periodsearch query when we ran for over7 days of period


below is the scheduler log.i see alert_action is blank.

10-31-2020 08:10:07.566 +0000 INFO SavedSplunker - savedsearch_id="XXX;search; alert", search_type="", user="XXX", app="search", savedsearch_name="XXXX alert", priority=default, status=success, digest_mode=1, scheduled_time=1604131800, window_time=0, dispatch_time=1604131805, run_time=1.785, result_count=1015, alert_actions="", sid="scheduler__smadan__search__RMD5ab6a869ca92dbacc_at_1604131800_63960_638683B3-25D9-4D2A-AF2E-4E43362FDBFA", suppressed=0, thread_id="AlertNotifierWorker-0", workload_pool=""



Please find the alert condition:

alert condition.png












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trigger condition is send email.please find the above screen shot you see where nonzero counts are exceeding 5.


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Have you set the trigger actions? In the screen shot its not visible, also the throttle settings.

Run the same search in search window and add the condition search nonzero > 5 to check the results

Happy Splunking!
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