Large PDF reports not working?

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Even though I'm able to view the sample PDF in mail settings, I see this in the bottom of email when attaching PDFs:

An error occurred while generating a PDF of this report: Failed to fetch PDF from appserver:

Is it possible that the report is too large to generate a PDF for?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

well, yours might be unusally large.

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There isn't an explicit restriction around size -- rather there is a default timeout around how long it takes searches to complete. The basic steps to troubleshoot PDF are:

  1. check the PDF status page, ex: http://localhost:8000/debug/pdf
  2. check the debug logs in /var/log/splunk/python.log for errors

Common problem resolutions:

  1. Check that the setting in "Manager -> System Settings -> Email Alert Settings -> Link Hostname" is a valid, reachable address (or just left blank).
  2. Splunk version 4.1.0 PDF server did not work with splunkweb instances set to SSLv3 only configuration. This was resolved in 4.1.1.
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