Is there a good source of document for Splunk event correlation? or any suggestions?


Anybody out there had experience trying to correlate events with Splunk.

A scenario would be like this:

(Source : A Event XXX) + (Source : B Event YYY) = ( Result : kick off an event using a scipt )

Is correlation supported with Splunk?

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This is something I am trying to accomplish altogether by creating my own app with saved searches. This helps seggregate the correlated data I want/need while making it easily accessible for all other parties. The app piece is purely optional, but when you do a saved search, you can kick off a script or an alert, base on your own choosing.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

This is exactly what Splunk searches and alerts do, though I would have to assume there are also implicit time bounds on your correlation.

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