Is it possible to use all of the parameters from an alert in a dashboard panel?


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Is it possible to use all of the parameters from an alert in a dashboard panel?
Positive results from an alert set tokens that panels use to show the panel (depends).
Our dashboard contains the search SPL from many alerts. When changes occur we have to edit in two places (alerts and XML code). We want to only edit the alert. As well as use other alert parameters; i.e.; cron schedule, throttling, etc.

Here is one of the panel searches.

    <query>index IN (catalina,solarisevents)
    AND source=/logs/access
    AND sourcetype=access_combined
    AND host=host3*
    AND method IN (GET,POST) 
    (date_hour > 6 AND date_hour < 19) 
| eval certsFiled=case(file="confirm.jsp","1") 
| timechart count(method) AS Hits, count(certsFiled) AS Certs span=2min 
| eval ratio=Certs/Hits 
| where ratio < .01
<!--| where 1=1--></query>
      <condition match="'job.resultCount' > 0">
        <set token="panel_show3">true</set>
        <unset token="panel_show3"></unset>

Here is the alert.

index IN (catalina,solarisevents)
 AND source=/logs/access
 AND sourcetype=access_combined
 AND host=host3*
| timechart count span=1m
| delta count as dcount
| eval prevCount = count-dcount
| fields - dcount
| search prevCount > 100 and count < 20

The alert is scheduled; runs on corn; has trigger conditions and actions.
I want to reference the alert and all of the associated parameters (cron, etc.) from a dashboard panel. If the alert generates results, then that panel will be displayed (uses tokens and <panel depends="$panel_show3$">).

Stay safe and healthy, you and yours.
Thanks and God bless,

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Since the alert creates a job, the below two links may help.

This uses | rest /services/search/jobs

If it is a saved search, this may be better to look at
This uses | loadjob savedsearch="user:app:my_search"

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dashboards and alerts (imho) have different purposes and therefore answer different use cases. I can see how you would like to alert on certain conditions and then view the condition(s) metrics in a dasboard. I can also see how and why you would want to "dashboard" your alerts and report on them, but i am having hard time to understand your question / use case.
can you please elaborate? lets say you have a dashboard with 2 panels, and 2 alerts ... what exactly is the desired result? what are you trying to accomplish?

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Editing original question.

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