How to configure my email settings to get email alert notification in Splunk 6.4.0 on a newly installed machine?


Please send me how to configure my email setting. It's very important for me.

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Step 1 : Login to Splunk localhost account and Navigate to Settings > Server Settings > Email Settings
Step 2 : Email Settings
- Mail host : Provide the smtp server details and port for Gmail for Yahoo
- Email Security : Enable TLS

- User name : Provide your personal mail ID
- Password : Provide your personal mail password / App PASSCODE

Here we need to understand few things.
The personal mail account could have multi factor authentications. Combinations of password and OTP etc.. This could reject Splunk to use the mail account we had assigned. So we could assign an App Passcode for authentication and things made easier.
Reference : configure_app_passcode

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Please how can configure MTA in local system?

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We really are a helpful community and will sometimes go a little off the Splunk path to help out, but this is a forum for Splunk questions and answers. I can see your question is at least possibly related to Splunk, but it's really a question on some other product's configuration.

And, though no one here's mad at you or anything, some other items to think about next time:

1) You "Answered" a question with a question, instead of asking a new one.
- Much better to have asked your own question.
2) In the process resurrecting an old question from 2016 and popping to the top of the stack.
3) We couldn't help you even if we wanted and knew the answer, because there's key information missing.
- What OS and version of OS? What MTA were you wanting to use? And so on...

At this point, I'd recommend perhaps following this link on how to configure an MTA

If you get the MTA working, but then have problems with configuring Splunk to use it, PLEASE ask us then! We'll be overjoyed to help with that. Until then it's really going to suit you better to ask your favorite search engine for help finding tutorials on your MTA or OS-level assistance with configuring one. Those will be of much more use than asking us here.

Happy Splunking!

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There are instructions for setting up email here.

You'll need to supply the ip address or hostname of an email server - Exchange, Barracuda, ... whatever it is you have in your environment. You may need to work with your administrator to determine what devices you can use, and perhaps have them whitelist or create a new receive connector to be used for this purpose.

If you have nothing, you will need to set up at the very least an MTA on your local system, the general setup of which is quite beyond the scope of Splunk Answers. If you get started down that path and get stuck, you could possibly post a new question - we can often help with specific issues - but you are better off searching Google for one of the many sites to help people set up email servers.

Once you have a working email server/system to use, we can certainly help set up Splunk to use that, but we'll need a lot more information in that case. IP addresses or hostnames, username and password and all that. On the flip side of that, once you have a working email server and have the ip address and username/password for it, the Splunk side of things is usually easy.

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Please give the exact steps to configure the smpt to send a email notification

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