I'm trying to use makeresults to test an alert but it doesn't work

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I'm trying to use makeresults to test an alert but it doesn't work because "number of events" is always 0, but I thought the point of makeresults is to always make events?


I'd suggest taking a look at the documentation, Splunk usually offers examples at the bottom of their docs pages The command doesn't actually create any "events", it looks like. It just creates "statistics" to play around with. For example, if you wanted to alert on something like "what happens when a field has a value of X", you could play around with the syntax like this:

| makeresults count=3
| streamstats count
| eval fieldToAlertOn=case(count=1, "I'm Fine", count=2, "ALERT", count=3, "null")
| search fieldToAlertOn="ALERT"

In this example, I create 3 fake rows, use streamstats to effectively number them, add a field with an eval/case pairing. You can then set this up as an alert and ensure that it successfully triggers, sends the right message to the right location, etc. You can probably extrapolate this to whatever case you need!


Please share your query.

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That should do it. Are you sure that your alert threshold and other details are configured correctly?

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