How to pause an alert which runs concurrently with another alert?

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Hi Team,

I have created a couple of alerts. The first one is running every 30 minutes from Mon-Friday, and another one is running at 00.00 to 06.00 every 2 hours.

What I want is for the 30-minute job to pause or stop while the 2-hour one is running, then have the 30-minute job resume after the 2-hour one is complete. Or, is there another way to put the 30-minute job on hold?

Here is the schedule I used for 30M:

- 0,30 0-6,12-23 * * 1-5

And this one for 2H:

120M - 0 2-6/2 * * * 

But I still I see some alerts were triggered during 120 minutes.
Kindly help - it is a bit urgent.

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