How to generate multiple alert email based on 2 conditions?



I have a requirement to generate alerts every 15 mins if a particular condition occurs. Then I need to group data from a few server in one alert and data from other set of server in another alert.
srvrA - srvr1,srvr2
srvrB - srvr3,srvr4,srvr5

Email for srvrA:
fieldA | field B | _raw
A1 | B1 | Event1
A1 | B2 | Event2

Email for srvrB:
fieldA | fieldB | _raw
A3 | B3 | Event1
A1 | B3 | Event2

Could you please help me how to use the condition from same query and send 2 different emails.

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If you add the recipients on a new column, you can configure the alert to send to $results.recipient$, and must set the alert to process a new email for each result. You can even aggregate the results with values() or list() so that each recipient only receives one alert. ( Tested on 6.5.x )

stats values(fieldA) values(fieldB) values(_raw) by recipient

fieldA | field B | _raw | recipient
A1 | B1 | Event1 | ServersA@xxx.xx
A1 | B2 | Event2 |
A3 | B3 | Event1 | ServersB@xxx.xx
A1 | B3 | Event2 |

on savedsearches.conf : = $result.recipient$
alert.digest_mode = 0

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Not sure if this is what you were aiming for but martin had a good suggestion here:


@Roopal: Even i got similar kind of requirement, did u find any solution for sending multiple alerts?

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Create two alerts, both to run every 15mins looking for similar conditions to occur. Example

*Alert 1*
host=srvr1 OR host=srvr2 | stats count on alertcondition

*Alert 2*
host=srvr3 OR host=srvr4 OR host=srvr5 | stats count on alertcondition

Then setup alerts for each of these searches.

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Thanks sundareshr.

Yes, I am aware of it that 2 different alerts can be created. But i would like to know if there is a way this can be handled in a single alert or single saved search.

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