How to : Schedule an Alert everytime a job fails more than once within an hour

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Hello, I am trying to create an Alert on Splunk. I want to create an alert so that I am alerted every time a job fails 2 times or more within an hour. We have several different jobs running. Right now, I have a table displaying each job with the amount of failures of each. 



index=?? uuid=* |search status=success | rex "message=(?<message>.*)" | stats count(eval(status=="failed")) AS Failures by workflow_name | table workflow_name, Failures



This displays something like : 

workflow_name        Failures

workflow_1                 3

workflow_2                 1

workflow_3                7

How can I fix this to filter and only include the workflows that have failed more than once (workflow_1 & workflow_3) and within a specific time frame - 1 hr.  Additionally, I want to pull in info about the specific workflow with the latest failure (for ex: message, uuid, etc). For ex:


workflow_name        Failures.       Latest message       Latest uuid 

workflow_1                 3                        error msg                    12345678

workflow_3                7                          error msg                  98765432


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A where clause at the end of you query should do it; | where Failures > 1. Then you could schedule the job to run on whatever time frame you need.

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