How do you find hosts that are not sending specific EventIDs?

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I'm trying to search my log data and figure out if a list of host names are not sending specific event IDs.

I have a lookup table called audit_items.csv with the following: 4624 has data while 7777 purposely shows nothing.


My search looks like this.

| inputlookup audit_items.csv
| join type=outer EventID 
 [ search host="" 
 | stats count by EventID Hostname]
  | table Hostname, EventID count 
 | fillnull value=0 

What I would like to do is add another lookup table with a list of Hostnames so that instead of my results showing nothing for an EventID 7777 that it will also tell me each Hostname not sending each type of EventID.


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@simpsobr345 ,

Give this a try,

host="" | stats count by EventID Hostname|append [|inputlookup audit_items.csv] 
|eventstats values(Hostname) as Hostname
|stats values(Hostname) as tempHost,values(Hostname) as Hostname by EventID
|mvexpand Hostname|eval Found=mvfind(tempHost,Hostname)
|eval Found=if(isnull(Found),"No","Yes")|fields - Hostname
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