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In my custom alert action UI, I would like to include an HTML select (drop down list) with values that are retrieved from an external REST call. The documentation does state that only HTML fragments are recommended - and my testing shows that javascript code is stripped out by Splunk.

Is there any way to display dynamic content in the custom alert action UI?


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This is extremely old, but I thought I would give an answer anyway. Please follow this doc to find your answer:

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This doesn't seem to work properly. I added custom drilldown(splunk-search-dropdown) to my html, it executes the search query and gives me values in dropdown. But, when I select and save the configuration, it's not reflected in conf file. It never saves the selected dropdown value.

<div class="control-group">
    <label class="control-label">Custom Dropdown</label>
    <div class="controls">
        <splunk-search-dropdown name="action.[app_name].param.[param_name]"
                search="[search query]"
                value-field="[value_field]" label-field="[label_field]">

Also, if I add 'splunk-search-dropdown' inside 'splunk-control-group' , the dropdown never shows up.
I have already added param_name in alert_actions.conf

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Excuse my super late reply. Below may help those who arrive here after me.

Be careful to check that your html is referencing your stanza name - not your app name. 

<splunk-search-dropdown name="action.[stanza_name].param.[param_name]"...


Below is how to extend the "logger_app" example in docs to add a dropdown. User's choice is sent to script.


<form class="form-horizontal form-complex">
<p>Write log entries for this action.</p>
<splunk-search-dropdown name="action.logger.param.mychoice1"
search=" | inputlookup alert_action_dropdown1.csv | stats c by foo1"
value-field="foo1" label-field="foo1"/>


is_custom = 1
disabled = 0
label = Log alert action
description = Custom action for logging fired alerts
icon_path = logger_logo.png
param.mychoice0=This param is hardcoded. Look, I can use a token: $$
#param.mychoice1=This param comes in from your stanza in savedsearches.conf.
#savedsearches.conf: action.logger.param.mychoice1=User picks from the UI. See logger.html

Output in test_modalert.log  then looks like:

<stanza name="test_alert_action_logger_with_added_dropdown1">
<param name="mychoice0">This param is hardcoded. Look, I can use a token: </param>
<param name="mychoice1">splunk2</param>

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