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Hey all. I'm using Splunk 6.4.10. My search is:
index=myindex host=myhost result error code 100
Trigger Condition: Number of Results is > 0
The Cron schedule is every 5th minute

I'm expecting the results should be 0. I only want to be alerted if the trigger condition is met three times in succession. Many times the condition will correct itself, so I don't want an alert every time, only after the third time.

So to summarize:
I need to setup a conditional alert with the following criteria:
The number of results returned from my search must be greater than 0
Only generate an alert if the trigger condition happens three times in succession. If at any time the results go back to 0 in that time frame, the count resets.

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It sounds like you only want it to alert if there are three consecutive 5 minute buckets of > 0 results, which would mean we would only need to adjust the query and you can leave everything else the same:

index=myindex host=myhost result error code 100 earliest=-15m latest=now 
| timechart span=5m count 
| search count>0
| stats count 
| search count=3

The above query is now performing a 15 minute look back and performing a count of results from the last 3 5 minute buckets. The subsequent search is filtering out the ones that had zero results. The last stats is counting the amount of rows after that filter and the final search will only return results to trigger an alert if the count equals 3. That should satisfy your requirements.

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