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How can I get an alert history? We have some alerts configured and currently there are many false positives. In order to reduce them we will fine tune the alerts. But we would like to have a history of the tuning. Is it possible to see how the alerts have changed over time?

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You could get some information from the Splunk internal logs.

Use the below query to fetch the details.

     index=_internal source="/opt/splunk/var/log/splunk/scheduler.log" savedsearch_name="your_search_name".

If it does not return any result - remove the conditions and try searching again like below.

  index=_internal "your_search_name"

The details you will get depends on the retention of the saved search logs.
Please let us know whether this helped.

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You can go to Activity->Triggered Alerts to see the when alerts fired. There is not, however, a history of how the alerts were defined in the past. You'll have to do that yourself, perhaps using something like git.

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