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I have a saved search which triggeres if there are are less than 2 items within an hour.
Sometimes the Trigger happens but the condition wasn't true. The file contains the items,
but the indexer has not made the work for hours, last time it was true for 17 hours.

I've nothing found in logs, maybe I've looked in wrong place, is there any chance to see if indexex get stucks to see on which file ?

Definition of scheduled Search:

[CRL-Copy] = 1 = 1 = 1 = [Splunk Alert: $name$] =
alert.suppress = 0
alert.track = 1
counttype = number of events
cron_schedule = */30 * * * *
dispatch.earliest_time = -60m
dispatch.latest_time = now
displayview = flashtimeline
enableSched = 1
quantity = 2
relation = less than
request.ui_dispatch_view = flashtimeline
search = CRL-copy sourcetype="syslog-ng-modified" host="" ok

The intention is if the Certificate Revocation List isn't published at least one time in past hour an alert has t be sent. The CRL-Copy-Task itselfs run each 15 minutes via cron

And if i doing the search now I see for each hour bound to quarter the four entries which is telling me that the indexer has got stuck.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

What are the search that you used to alert, the condition and the schedule ?

Were the events searchable in splunk, with the correct timestamp ?

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I've added missing infos in question

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