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Community Guidelines

Community Manager
Community Manager

The Splunk Community programs—Answers, Discussions, Trust, User Groups, Chat, etc.—are intended to provide connections that promote Splunk community and content that leads to better experiences with Splunk products.

The goal in providing these programs and bringing people together is to let the community govern itself as much as possible. The few rules we enforce are designed to balance the needs of the Splunk Community with the needs of the Splunk company.

Review our Community Guidelines here.

Some highlights from our Guidelines:

  • We have expectations of our members
  • Our members should have expectations of us
  • Basic decency and respect for privacy is required
  • You are responsible for your words, your ideas, and your conduct
  • Splunk likes to share its brand
  • We are benevolent overlords

Again, please read, review, and abide by all of the guidelines here

Violations of Community Guidelines

Sometimes missteps happen. We get it. But we take our guidelines very seriously, and we expect every community member to take them seriously, too. To that end, we've established the following guidelines for how community moderators will handle violations of our established guidelines. 

  • First Violation - Warning - Moderators will explain which guideline(s) were violated, and how to avoid future violations.
  • Second Violation - Temporary Loss of Privileges - Moderators will again explain which guideline(s) were violated, which privileges will be suspended and for how long, and how to avoid future violations. 
  • Third Violation - Banning from Splunk Community - Moderators will again explain which guideline(s) were violated, they will review the history of violations, and they will inform the user of their banning from the site and remove all access privileges. 

More Questions?

Check out our FAQ, or reach out to us anytime!

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