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March 2024 Edition

Hayyy Splunk Education Enthusiasts and the Eternally Curious! 

We’re back with another edition of indexEducation, the newsletter that takes an untraditional twist on what’s new with Splunk Education. We hope the updates about our courses, certification, and technical training will feed your obsession to learn, grow, and advance your careers. Let’s get started with an index for maximum performance readability:

Training You Gotta Take | Things You Needa Know | Places You’ll Wanna Go 


Training You Gotta Take


More for Free | A Key to Prepping for Your Exam 

If you’re on a security path and working toward earning your Splunk Cybersecurity Defense Analyst Certification, you’ll want to tune into this one! The Data and Tools for Defense Analyst course is the fourth in a learning path designed for this certification exam prep – building on the general security knowledge we’ve presented in previous courses. This one will teach you about the specific data and tools that you will need to be a cyber defense analyst successfully investigating security events. 

Gotta Get the Free Stuff | Data and Tools for Defense Analyst 


Free Certification | Take Your Exams Again at .conf24 in June

Our annual Splunk user conference, affectionately known as .conf, offers so many ways to learn. In fact, we offer deeply-discounted rates on dozens of Splunk Certifications. Similar to last year, we are offering another free certification at .conf24 – the Splunk Certified Cybersecurity Defense Engineer (CDE). To take advantage of this, you’ll need to take the prerequisite – the Splunk Certified Cybersecurity Defense Analyst (CDA). So, if you want to take the free certification at .conf24, sit for the CDA exam before you go! 

Gotta Get Certified | Take the CDA Before .conf24


Things You Needa Know


Earning More | Splunk Proficiency Makes Good “Cents”  

Did you know that Splunk users with certifications and higher levels of Splunk proficiency reported earning approximately 131% more than their peers? Or that 73% of users credited Splunk certification as a contributing factor to earning a promotion? There are dozens of career-impacting effects of Splunk proficiency coupled with Splunk certification. Get more value out of your Splunk investment and boost your earning power with our wide range of certification options.

Needa Know the Details | Read Up on Splunk Certification


Mapping Out Your Learning Journey | Six Easy Steps

Splunk Education makes learning accessible to everyone, everywhere and in multiple languages. Self-paced courses let you absorb Splunk at your comfort and convenience, while seasoned Splunk instructors take learners through more advanced courses, providing coaching and guidance along the way. You can find out more in our new Splunk Education e-book along with six easy steps to guide your cybersecurity learning journey – with coursework and programs that hone in on what’s needed to identify and remediate new, AI-driven attacks and exploitations. 

Needa Know the Steps | Download the E-Book


Places You’ll Wanna Go


Las Vegas to Pre-Game | Splunk University, June 9-11, 2024

Head to Las Vegas a few days ahead of .conf24 to hone your Splunk skills with classroom instruction and labs at Splunk University. From beginner to advanced, there's something for everyone with 3-, 2-, and 1-day bootcamps covering a range of Splunk topics including Power User Essentials, Enterprise Administration, App Development, Observability, and many more! Plus, you’ll have the chance to validate your skills with Splunk Certification at a discounted rate during .conf24.

Wanna Learn with Hands-on Bootcamps | Find out More and Register


The Splunk Community | Connect with Us 

Humans are social creatures. From tribes, to villages, to communities. Cruise on over to our Splunk Community where members come from around the globe and from all walks of

life to learn, get inspired, and share knowledge. Our community is organized into programs and experiences so you can get helpful and important resources and information about using Splunk – all with a fun group of humans. 

Wanna Go Together | Join Our Community


Find Your Way | Learning Bits and Breadcrumbs


Go Stream It  | The Latest Course Releases (Some with Non-English Captions!)

Go to STEP | Get Upskilled

Go Discuss Stuff | Join the Community

Go Social | LinkedIn for News

Go Index It | Subscribe to our Newsletter

Thanks for sharing a few minutes of your day with us – whether you’re looking to grow your mind, career, or spirit, you can bet your sweet SaaS, we got you. If you think of anything else we may have missed, please reach out to us at 


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