The Great Resilience Quest

The Grand Finale: Celebrating the Completion of The Great Resilience Quest

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

As we close the final chapter on The Great Resilience Quest on January 31st, 2024, we want to take a moment to reflect on the journey we have embarked upon together. The enthusiasm and effort displayed by each participant have been nothing short of inspiring. Today, we are excited to make some winner announcements!

The quest was designed to immerse you in practical ‘path to resilience’ use cases, empowering you to build a better digital resilience with Splunk. We believe that the insights gained throughout this journey have equipped you to embrace 2024 with confidence, ready to elevate your maturity stage with Splunk.

With immense pride, we present the last group of standout leaders in their quest for excellence:



We also celebrate our Champion’s Tribute winners for the 3rd period:



And, of course, our grand prize winners!!!


Each name on our list showcases exceptional dedication to digital resilience. Congratulations to our winners; expect contact from our team for prize distribution details. 

To all participants, your contributions have made The Great Resilience Quest a memorable and impactful experience. We hope the knowledge and skills acquired will serve you well as we step into a resilient 2024. 

We look forward to continuing this journey and achieving more together. We would love to hear your thoughts—please share your comments with us!

Warm regards,

Splunk Customer Marketing Team

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