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How to identify Management Node (or) Master node in a existing distributed UBA Deployment of 10 nodes


Hi Team,

How do I identify the management node or master node in an existing distributed UBA Deployment (7 node or 10 node or 20 node)

https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/UBA/5.0.3/Install/TSUBAServicesNodes doesn't have details about the same.

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In a distributed setup, generally node 1 / ubanode1 is the master node.  ( You can also see them in /etc/hosts file).  

In the caspida-deployment.conf file referred in the above link, look for 'container.master.host' and that should indicate your master node and match with node1 in /etc/hosts. Additionally, if you go to UI, System->Cluster->Cluster services, search for UI and that will give the node as well [ assuming UI is setup on master, which is normally the case]

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