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Get Monitoring Tricks for All Your *nix Part 2

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Watch part two of our *nix TA Tech Talk, Get Monitoring Tricks for All Your *nix Part 2, where we’re focusing on our technical add-on (TA) for Unix and Linux. This TA for *nix makes management of many data sources—like essential linux log sources–easier. It offers CIM compliant knowledge objects, normalizing your data and providing a unified view across the entire data domain.

Tune in to dive a bit deeper into TA for:

  • Tuning your inputs
  • Searching on the fly
  • Building custom visualizations and alerts

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hey everyone! We had some great questions during this Tech Talk in June. 

Recapping for all!

Q: Do I need to restart Splunk after making changes to nix config?
A: When making changes from the web configuration gui, changes should be applied to your sever without a restart. However, making changes via the inputs.conf file, or when distributing the inputs.conf to your forwarders, a restart is required. When in doubt, restart Splunk when making an .conf file change.
Q: Can I do pctUsed = pctUser %2B pctSystem instead of 100-idle?
A: I would say, 100-idle is better, as it accounts for wait time and nice time.
Q: Can I see the query
A: Here's the full query with the baseline: sourcetype=cpu all | eval pctUsed = 100-pctIdle | timechart span=5m avg(pctUsed) as CPU | eval date_hour=strftime(_time,"%H") | join type=left date_hour [| search sourcetype=cpu all earliest=-8d latest=-1d | eval pctUsed=pctIdle | eval date_hour=strftime(_time,"%H") | stats avg(pctUsed) as BASELINE stdev(pctUsed) as stdev by date_hour | eval BASELINE = BASELINE 1.75*stdev | table date_hour,BASELINE ] | table _time,CPU,BASELINE
Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Here are all the follow up materials from the webinar. Enjoy!

  • Documentation –

Data Collection

Script Compatibility