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why is eval function not working for calculated field but works when run as a search using two different source type

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My calculated field with the following eval function is not returning values

round(if(svtduedate=="null",svduedate,(svtduedate - cisnullreportedsubmiteddate ))/3600000)

but when I run the eval expression as a search - it does return a value.

.....index=abc| eval ccresolvedslahours=round(if(svtduedate=="null",svduedate,(svtduedate - cisnullreportedsubmited_date ))/3600000)

I have tried using host, source type as itam* and also the source type. The svtduedate is from another source type from the same index (the resulting value is calculation from 2 source types from the same index). I have also tried “sourcetype=itamincxml OR sourcetype=itamslaxml” in the calculated field which did not work.

Is there something I may be missing or creating the calculated fields incorrectly?

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You query would work only if all the fields that you are using in the eval expression are under the same sourcetype/source/host based on the stanza that you are using in your props.

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does svtduedate actually have a "null" value or is it a blank/null field value? try replacing with isnull(svt_due_date) if it is actually a null value

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The field has blank values and date in epoch. This field is from another source type from the same index. The same eval expression works when run as a search but not when run as a calculated field. I doubt I'd calculated can have multiple source types . Can you confirm please ? What other options I have to create a calculated field using multiple source types ? Thanks in advance

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