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why events show up in 5 min. window but not in 30-sec for real-time search?



pretty new to splunk. I'm setting up a realtime search that will refresh every 30 sec. Here's my query on the search form.

source="C:\tmp\log4j2.log" bam userlogin
and I selected 30-second window from the dropdown

I've a simple simulator class that writes a single msg to the log file every 3 seconds with a total of 20 msg's. The msg's don't show up as the timeline advances, but usually only the last msg shows up. But if I set the refresh window to a higher number like 5 min., all the msg's show up.

Can anyone explain why this is? thanks

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I can think of 2 reasons:
1: Every input pipeline has a latency (delay in delivery/processing until it is available for search). It my take more than 30 seconds for the app to gather the event, dump the logs to a file, Splunk forwarder to process them, Splunk indexer to to process them.
2: If you are processing a "durationful" event and are using the "start time", you will see this kind of problem. You should always use "end time" when you have a "duratoinful" event. If you use "start time" than events will appear "too far back" for your window to ever see them.

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