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what are the benefits vs drawback in :: and =


whats the difference between :: and = in splunk search. what are the benefits vs drawbacks

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The double colon :: refers to an indexed field so if the field is NOT indexed, it will not find it. 

If you run this search

index=_audit sourcetype=audittrail
| stats count by sourcetype

and then insect the job and look at the search log, you will see something called LISPY

09-29-2023 10:26:38.508 INFO  UnifiedSearch [3846 searchOrchestrator] - base lispy: [ AND index::_audit sourcetype::audittrail ]

where is knows that index and sourcetype are indexed fields and so replaces them with the :: syntax.

So, if you KNOW your field is indexed, then using :: will force Splunk to look at the indexed rather than raw data for the results.


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