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use timechart with dedup values

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I'm trying to count values of field in a time chart with every particular point of time using dedup.
like this ,
index = internal field1 = asterisk field2 = asterisk field3 = asterisk | dedup field3 | time chart count(field3) by field2

but it is giving only total count of (field3) in a row. I want total count at every particular point of time to display in time chart.

sorry for typos

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Re: use timechart with dedup values

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It is very unclear what you mean, what you need, and what the problem is. Perhaps you can get what you heed by taking some part of this:

index="internal" AND field1="*" AND field2="*" AND field3="*"
| timechart count dc(field3) BY field2
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