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update lookup table with outputcsv


I would like to update an existing app lookup table with static known fields instead of search results, for example my lookup table just has

ip, dns, country

Something like this search should work with some tweaking i suppose?

 | inputcsv append=true edge_lookup.csv | eval dns=somehost.somedomain.com | eval ip="" | eval country=mexico | outputcsv  edge_lookup.csv

I have the syntax wrong though.
Also It seems like it's trying to write to var/run/splunk though on the search head, is there a way to rewrite the existing app lookup table?


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Re: update lookup table with outputcsv


If I understand your question. You will want to create a saved search under the context of the app in question. Also take a look at my other post updating-lookup-table-data-externally-auto-magically.

Hope this helps.

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