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Greetings folks, and thanks in advance for a little brainpower here.  I'm definitely a splunk novice.

I'm trying to pull some tstats values via a REST call via powershell, and I can't seem to return any data.  I can perform a basic search "search hostname=servername.corp" via this method and it will return the results I expect.

The search term that gets me the data I want via the web interface is "|tstats values(host) where index=*" however, performing this search (with various options for " or ' substitution) via a rest call yields nothing.

Thanks in advance for your help.  If you're powershell fluent, I've included my script chunk below, but this shouldn't be just a powershell thing... I'm pretty sure I'm just calling this search the wrong way since, again, I've verified this with a more simple search term.  And yes, the credential is valid.




$SplunkAPI = "https://<MySplunkServer>/services/search/jobs/export"
$Search = 'search "|tstats values(host) where index=* by index"'
$Body = @{
  search = $search
  output_mode = "json"
  earliest_time = "-24h"
  latest_time = "now"

Invoke-RestMethod -Method Post -Uri $SplunkAPI -Credential $Cred -Body $Body


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this seems to works:

curl -ku user:pass https://localhost:8089/services/search/jobs/export -d search="|tstats values(host) where index=*" -d output_mode=json

 r. Ismo


Hello @isoutamo  does this | tstats command requires to have data access or just internal logs?



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It needs equal access as you have in GUI. If you need to access data then you need access to those indexes and same for internal indexes. 
The only exception is that there are some scheduled reports which have run as owner. Those should work when you have access to those reports. But if those aren’t scheduled then that’s not working.

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