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Greetings folks, and thanks in advance for a little brainpower here.  I'm definitely a splunk novice.

I'm trying to pull some tstats values via a REST call via powershell, and I can't seem to return any data.  I can perform a basic search "search hostname=servername.corp" via this method and it will return the results I expect.

The search term that gets me the data I want via the web interface is "|tstats values(host) where index=*" however, performing this search (with various options for " or ' substitution) via a rest call yields nothing.

Thanks in advance for your help.  If you're powershell fluent, I've included my script chunk below, but this shouldn't be just a powershell thing... I'm pretty sure I'm just calling this search the wrong way since, again, I've verified this with a more simple search term.  And yes, the credential is valid.




$SplunkAPI = "https://<MySplunkServer>/services/search/jobs/export"
$Search = 'search "|tstats values(host) where index=* by index"'
$Body = @{
  search = $search
  output_mode = "json"
  earliest_time = "-24h"
  latest_time = "now"

Invoke-RestMethod -Method Post -Uri $SplunkAPI -Credential $Cred -Body $Body


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this seems to works:

curl -ku user:pass https://localhost:8089/services/search/jobs/export -d search="|tstats values(host) where index=*" -d output_mode=json

 r. Ismo

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