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transaction to retrive value then make eval


Dear community,

I have the following scenario:

User can make many actions, in this case we can have action equals search, result clicked, or load. Each action type has its own log format with many overlapping fields.


I want to count a click index rank, a field of the action = result clicked. However, I want to sort these by pages with this highest or lowest index rank. However, the page value for action= result clicked is the search results page, i.e. page="/search?query=example". The page I want is in the action=load, and will always be the next action of the user, i.e. action=load page=/usergude/exampletopic.html.


So, I'm using the search transaction here to group the journey by customer, but really I want an event that groups the next load action for a specific user following a result clicked, but so that I can make stats on the whole environment.


Any ideas?


Example scenario: Find pages with a low average resultIndex clicked.

user=name action=search query=example

user=name action=resultClicked page=/search?examplequeryfromuser

user=name action=load page=/userguide/exampletopic/theactualpageuserclicked.html


What is the average click rank ? [ for page /userguide/exampletopic/theactualpageuserclicked.html ]


Example base search:


index=server sourcetype=stats action!=pageChanged
| rex field=_raw "query=\"(?<query_quotes>.*)\",filters"| rex field=searchIndex "\[(?<filts>.+)\]"
| rex max_match=0 field=filts "\"(?<index_select>[\w :-]+)\""
| rex field=product_name "\[(?<prods>.+)\]"
|transaction email maxspan=1h maxpause=15m mvlist=true nullstr="-"
| eval usercode=mvdedup(instcode), time_spent_searching=round(duration/60, 4)
| search action=resultClicked query_quotes!="" query_quotes="*" query_quotes="*" publicationId="*" OR NOT publicationId="*"
|eval searchTransaction=lower(query_quotes)
| table custcode publicationId topic searchTransaction action, resultIndex, time_spent_searching,page
| rename time_spent_searching as "Minutes Spent Searching", prods as "Product Filter Selected"


Produce something like


customer codepublicationtopic / pagesearch stringactionresultIndexMinutes spent searchingpage
usernumber--how to loginsearch-10.79/search
 --how to loginresultClicked3 /search?how_to_login

I want to see that the average click rank is 3 for page=/publications/productoperationsguide/2.0?topic=login.htm. Of course, there would be many users who click on the same page, after searching any number of search strings.


Business goal:

Provide pages with the lowest click rank where the query contains the key term login

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