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token. how can I, configuring one token for filter search?



I have this search in my dashboard and i want create a token filter for search the result of the field "sucursal_id"

host="iperf01app" NOT sourcetype=log-4 status="error" OR ("SUM" AND sentido="*") | rex field=source "(?[\d]+).txt"
| eval sucursal_id=case(sucursal_id > "999000" AND sucursal < "999999" , (sucursal_id - 999000), sucursal_id > "9999000" AND sucursal < "9999999" , (sucursal_id - 9999000), sucursal_id > "99999000" AND sucursal < "99999999" , (sucursal_id - 99999000), sucursal_id < 9999, sucursal_id)
| eval velocidad=if(status == "error" , "0", velocidad) | eval vel_bajada=case(sentido = "receiver" OR velocidad = 0, velocidad/1000) | eval vel_subida=case(sentido = "sender" OR velocidad = 0, velocidad/1000) | stats avg(vel_subida) as "Velocidad Subida", avg(vel_bajada) as "Velocidad Bajada" by sucursal_id |


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add at the end

click on "add input" on your dashboard and select the text box and give the token name "sucursal_id"

If this not you are expecting, explain your question clearly.

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Now, in the dashboard configuration , i have to choose option "tokens" in the section "time range"


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