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splunk props timestamp issue


I have a CSV file with the below data, trying to push to Splunk.

Example - 

Thu JUN 24  15:27:52 +08 2021,name1,address1,Thu  JUN25  12:27:52  +08 2021,Active

Thu JUN 24  15:27:52 +08 2021,name2,address2,Thu JUN 25  03:65:52  +08 2021,Active

Thu JUN 24  15:27:52 +08 2021,name3,address3,Thu JUN 25  05:15:52  +08 2021,Active

Thu JUN 24  15:27:52 +08 2021,name4,address4,Thu MAY26  06:25:52  +08 2021,Active

Thu JUN 24  15:27:52 +08 2021,name5,address5,Thu MAY26  06:15:52  +08 2021,Active

Thu JUN 24  15:27:52 +08 2021,name6,address6,Thu JAN14  07:15:52  +08 2021,Active

props setting

in props using fourth field as timestamp.






by using the above props I can able to push only the latest date data, other events are missing in Splunk.

for example, I can see only JUN25th data. remaining events are missing.

Can someone explain, what might be the cause.


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I would try looking at timestamp extraction configuration. Specifically MAX_DAYS_AGO and MAX_DIFF_SECS_AGO in props.conf

It could be the case that Splunk thinks that your events are far in the past and therefore not indexing them.

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