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Can anyone please explain what is instance freezing due to size , median data age , oldest data age , instances freezing due to age on the monitoring console and what happens to the data after the oldest data age in reached ?

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A bucket will be freeze (usually deletion) based on containing the oldest event in an index
1) If the oldest event is older than frozenTimePeriodInSecs which is tracked as freezing due to age.
2) If the total size of the index is bigger that the size constraining settings (of which there are many, such as homePath.maxDataSizeMB) which is tracked as freezing due to size.

The median data age is exactly what it says, the median age of the events in the index.
The oldest data age is exactly what it says, the oldest age of the oldest event in the index.

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Thank you for answering the question . If the oldest data age is 5 days, splunk will delete all the data before 5 days ?

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