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"The Lookup does not exist or is not available error" for users with same permissions as me but I don't get the error

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My lookup is in the search app with global permissions with all roles the availability to read and write. My dashboard has app permissions and I can load the dashboard fine with the lookup. However, multiple users with the same permissions as me are getting an error that the lookup does not exist or is not available. The lookup is location in etc/apps/search/lookups and is named currentsiteinfo.csv. The lookup table file is named currentsiteinfo and references the csv. The object is set to appear in all apps.

The other user can view the table when doing | inputlookup currentsiteinfo but the dashboard is throwing the error.

I don't understand why the lookup isn't available- thank you for the help!!

I am using Splunk 6.3.3

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Perhaps your users have permissions and can use this "Lookup definition" | inputlookup currentsiteinfo but they cannot use directly this "Lookup table file" | inputlookup currentsiteinfo.csv and you have typed it in your query inside you dashboard as the second option...

Does it make sense for you?
Check permissions in both places and I'm sure you'll find the problem.


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the user can view both of those inputlookups and see the lookup table. Do you have any other suggestions? I would really appreciate the help

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