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problem with field that contains character "\\"

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I have a log with this type of content: domain\\user. I have extracted this info with field extraction called src_user.

When I do a search with src_user=* | table src_user, the response shows domain\user instead of domain\\user. One of the \ characters is stripped.

Then when I am doing a searchFieldsToDisplay to get src_user value I get domain\user and I can not set a new search with this searchField value.

Does anyone know how to solve this?


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trying to see your regular expression because you must be missing something, and is the problem that must come. and also check if you have not escape "\" s inside.
without your expression regular and an example of data I do not guess more.

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If it is exactly as you have described, it has to be a bug and I would open a Support Case with Splunk right away.

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