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ouputlookup not waiting for complete result set


Hi there,

I'm seeing a strange problem with version 8.0.8

I have a search to build a lookup table one time only, which has to look back 60 days in order to correctly populate. I'm also working on hourly updates for this, but that part is much less of a problem.

I do not have access to summary indexing here, so don't bother mentioning it!

It so happens that the admins of this site have enabled tsidx reduction so I'm seeing this warning:


Search on most recent data has completed. Expect slower search speeds as we search the reduced buckets. 


Not in itself a huge problem as in the search box I eventually see all the available results.


When I run this search into outputlookup, it doesn't seem to wait for all the results to render and goes off and writes the lookup table without (very annoyingly) waiting for one particular column to appear.

Is this a bug? Has anyone else seen this? Any way around it? It seems to be entirely consistent and I want to stop hammering the splunk instance with this very expensive search!



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