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Hello, in my search how do i find most common events.

tried this | cluster | table cluster_count, _raw | sort - cluster_count
but not displaying the cluster_count.

need to find what errors are generated the most.

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The problem as I see it: you need to decide how to group the events. You can try cluster but it better if you define "common".

Here is one possible search:

error* | stats count by source sourcetype host | sort -count

This will give you a count of the events that contain the word "error", with the most common host source and sourcetype listed first in the list.

Here is another - this also groups the errors by including a few of the characters that surround the word "error"

error* | rex "(?<msg>.{0,25}error.{0,25})"  | stats count by source sourcetype host msg | sort -count
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