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matching events across different logs

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Hi, I need to match events across different logs. I believe that this should be done using transactions, but I'm not able to get it to work. My scenario is as follows:

  • Log A: has info about users logging into System A
  • Log B: has info about users logging into System B

If a user appears in one, it should have a companion entry in the other.

I need to find all users that logged to one, but not the other.

Individually, I can find users in each log by doing a simple:

search index=indexA userName

but I can't find a way of saying "once you find it in indexA, look for it in indexB, and alert me if you can't"

Any advice is greatly appreciate.

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Splunk Employee

You probably want to use a sub search that pulls the user id and matches (or NOT) across the other file. To do this:

  1. Create a field extraction for the userid in Log A & B. The field name should be exactly the same in both extractions.
  2. Search for all users that logged into System A and output only the userids. Similar to:

    source=Log_A user_logged_in | fields userid

  3. Use the latter search as the subsearch to find log ins for Log B. You must make sure the a field extraction exists for userid in Log B, otherwise the values passed from the subsearch won't match anything. Similar to:

    source=Log_B [search source=Log_A user_logged_in | fields userid]

So, the above search should find all users that logged in to System A & B. To find users that have not logged into both, you should be able to NOT the sub search.

source=Log_B NOT [search source=Log_A user_logged_in | fields userid]
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