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kvstore lookups from database.


Please give me any feedback . ideas as to whether I am following the best action.

I have a database table that is occasionally updated / add to. I would like to start using this information in searches as a lookup.

What is the best action to take here?

I had thought of running a search and outputting he data to a KVstore lookup I have tried this but as any record in the table could be updated I am not clear on how to use the Key_field / _key value to pick up the updates.

I have also seen examples using a csv lookup and using joins to merge the old / new data then writing out a new file.

Which method is best for picking up changes that may occur in any field from the database. The records do have a fixed identity field which may help.

Anyone able to recommend best method with an example?

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Use DB Connect. It can hook into your database, automatically generate lookup tables, and keep them updated.


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