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iOS Transaction & Events Not Working

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I can initialize my Mint instanced and it shows in the dashboard. I have a nice sample log like so.

[[Mint sharedInstance] logEventAsyncWithName:message logLevel:ErrorLogLevel andCompletionBlock:^(MintLogResult *mintLogResult) {
    NSString* logResultState = mintLogResult.resultState == OKResultState ? @"OK" : @"Error";
    NSLog(@"Log result: %@", logResultState);

And sample transaction like so.

   [[Mint sharedInstance] transactionStart:@"Test_Start" andResultBlock:nil];
    [[Mint sharedInstance] transactionStop:@"Test_Stop" andResultBlock:nil];

I see in my console that the log result is "OK". And yet when I got to my dashboard I am shown sample data for events and transactions because nothing is posted yet.

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The first parameter of the transactionStart:andResultBlock: and transactionStop:andResultBlock: methods are transactionName. You are starting a transaction called Test_Start but not stopping it. Similarly, you are stopping a Test_Stop transaction which was never started. Try this:

[[Mint sharedInstance] transactionStart:@"My_Test_Transaction" andResultBlock:nil];
[[Mint sharedInstance] transactionStop:@"My_Test_Transaction" andResultBlock:nil];

I hope this helps someone.

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