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how to set null value ?

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If the field value is null, the value is null, and if it is not controlled, it is still the original value

I want to get a field value ,if it is null ,I set it null,if not ,I hope it still the original value

I use :

index = abc_text  | eval Codelocation = if(isnull(Codelocation), "null",Codelocation)|stats  max(_time) as _time  values(Codelocation) as codelocation by source

It did not achieve the desired effect.

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use null() instead of "null"


@WXY, just a clarification - if the value is null why do you want to set it again to null ? Do you mean you want to convert "space" to null.

Anyway try this |eval Codelocation = if(isnull(Codelocation), null(),Codelocation)

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