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Hi Team

i have a field agentId where i can find my data that is required data(i.e)cname=abc ,cname=xyz and so on ,while trying to use the below command

|eval test=mvindex(split(agentId,"\n"),25,40)  

i could see the required data "cname=abc" ,cname=xyz and so on is available in different index postions because of which im unable to filter the data out using mvindex
Can someone guide me with the query


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You can possibly do this with rex

| rex max_match=0 "(?<agentid>cname=\w+)"

If this doesn't work, please could you share some sample events so we can see what you are working with?

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Can you please share sample data from `agentId` and also type like multivalued or single value?


meanwhile you can try this.

| makeresults count=10 
| eval a=1 
| accum a 
| stats values(a) as agentId 
| eval agentId=mvjoin(agentId,"
|rename comment as "Upto Now is sample data only" 
| eval test=mvindex(split(agentId,"



If any of my reply helps you to solve the problem Or gain knowledge, an upvote would be appreciated.

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