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how to filter out only specific output

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Hi All, Could you please help me.

scenario :- i want a result where one field contains a specific value, but in result I am getting all the value along with my specific value.

example- index=xx port="10" Or port="110" | 

output is like :- hostname port 23 25 110 80 443


i want to show only port 10 or 110 only, not all the ports are open for the host.


Note: "AND" will not work as it will only search those host which are having only 10 or 110 ports open, 

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Hi @saurav47,

please try something like this:

index=xx (port=10 OR port=110)
| ...

In few words:

  • use parenthesis,
  • OR in uppercase.



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Depending of your data you probably can try 

index=xx TERM(port=10) OR TERM(port=110)

Anyhow @gcusello 's answer should works also.

r. Ismo 

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